Discover Chrysanthemums

There are many different types of chrysanthemums for everyone to enjoy but since they look so different from each other the relationship often isn't identified. Chrysanthemums come in a variety of colors and they offer more shapes than any other type of flower. You can find chrysanthemums that are shaped like daisies, that have many long skinny petals, and some that resemble buttons.

There are 30 different types of chrysanthemums that have been identified and all of them are classified as perennials. You may be surprised to find out that the history of this particular flower dates back to 15 B.C. There is documentation of the Chinese using chrysanthemums as herbs. In addition to being a beautiful type of flower for decorating chrysanthemums are used to make teas, medicine, and even wine in some parts of the world.

Of all the flowers in the world chrysanthemums have the most diverse meanings that span across the various countries and cultures. In locations such as Europe and Japan white chrysanthemums are a symbol of death. They are sent to the grieving family, planted in memory of someone who has died, and placed on graves. The Chinese view the white chrysanthemum as a symbol of piece and honest. In the United States this same flower represents cheerfulness and thoughtfulness.

Many of the various varieties of chrysanthemums can be grown in a variety of locations. You want to plant them in the early part of the spring so that they roots have plenty of time to grow before the hotter weather starts rolling in. You want to plant them in a location that allows them plenty of direct sunlight, quality soil, and plenty of water.

Every three or four years you should take the time to divide them to prevent the gardening area from becoming too crowded. The best time to do this is in the spring when they are just starting to grow. Make sure you move clumps of chrysanthemums so you are able to salvage as much of the roots as possible. Immediately replant them in another location that has quality soil and plenty of water.

If it isn't possible to move the chrysanthemums to another location you will want to remove the oldest looking ones from the rest. Leave the healthiest chrysanthemums to grow to full bloom. Removing dead and decaying flowers will help rejuvenate the soil in the area that your flowers depend on to stay healthy. You should use quality gardening tools for your dividing project as this will help the flowers stay healthier and take less time to complete.

The types of chrysanthemums you want to plant depend on the colors you enjoy as well as the size and shape of the bloom you are after. They make beautiful flowers that you can enjoy outside or bring into your home. For someone who loves chrysanthemums you can provide them with a lovely floral arrangement from your personal garden. Most florists offer quality chrysanthemums you can have sent as well.

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