Flower Bouquets

Creating Flower Bouquets

While most of us enjoy the various flower bouquets we see, we don't often stop to think about the work that goes into them. Creating flower bouquets takes some skill as well as creativity. The overall look from the flowers choose to the vase they are displayed in can be manipulated by changing colors or the number of flowers included.

It is very economical to make your own wedding flower bouquets rather than buying them. Make sure you plan what you are looking for in the design well in advance. This gives you plenty of time to find the items you want to include as well as to practice making them. You can get ideas for creating flower bouquets for the big day from various wedding magazines. You can also come up with your own unique design instead.

For a wedding the flower bouquets can be slightly different for the various people in the wedding party. The bride's flower bouquet should be the largest and have the most flowers in it. The maid of honor should have one that is larger than the bride's maids. You can even make one for the flower girl to carry instead of a basket of flowers.

Flower bouquets can be made from real flowers or from silk ones. If you are making them from fresh flowers then you need to understand you will have to make them right before the big event. If that isn't something you can easily squeeze into your schedule ask for help or have them made by a professional. Flower bouquets from fresh flowers have to be preserved at the right temperature as well.

Silk flower bouquets are much easier to work with and often much less expensive. You can make the bouquets months in advance of the special occasion and then not have to worry about them again. They can also be a wonderful keepsake of the event for friends and family to take home afterwards.

Regardless of which type of flowers you choose to use, select the types of flowers and the colors that will work well for the given occasion. There is no right or wrong type of flower to use for any occasion so go with something in season or with the favorites of the people the occasion is taking place for.

Make sure you buy good quality flower bouquets holders in order to place them on. The holders need to be durable and feature floral foam on them. If you are using fresh flowers you want to let the holder soak in water for a while. You want the foam to retain as much water as it can hold without dripping it all over. Cut the stems at an angle so that they flowers will live longer.

You want to create your flower bouquets by inserting flowers, baby's breath, and greenery from the bottom of the holder to the top. To give your flower bouquets a creative touch add a lace or satin bow to the handle of the flower bouquet holder.

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