What are Gladiolus?

Most of us have commented on how pretty gladiolus are but didn't have a clue as to the type of flower we were looking at. They are often mistaken for an iris due to some of the common similarities. There are more than 250 different species of gladiolus that are grown all over the world. They are well known for the magnificent size and beauty of the blossom as well as the height that the stems can grow to.

Gladiolus are considered to be a perennial which means they will continue to grow again the following season for approximately three or four years before you have to plant again. If you grow your own gladiolus you are encouraged to dig up the bulbs in the fall before the ground starts to freeze. Store them in an area where they won't freeze or get wet so you can plan them again in the early spring.

Gladiolus are available in many different colors including white, pink, orange, light purple, and red. Many of the blossoms feature more than one color giving them a very detailed design with beautiful markings that other types of flowers simply can't compete with. Many florists mix gladiolus with other types of flowers to create an assorted floral arrangement that is colorful and lasts a very long time.

Gladiolus are very simple to grow but keep in mind that they are going to be quite tall when considering where you want to plant them. They can be a nice addition to your landscaping but you don't want to block other items you have placed in your yard either. Make sure the area will be able to benefit from plenty of direct sunlight. Otherwise the stems won't be very strong making it hard to support the blooms. Gladiolus should be planted in rows with at least 10 inches of room between each one so the blossoms can reach their full potential.

You can use gladiolus as a floral arrangement for your home or to give to someone else. You will have the best results if you cut them early in the morning rather then during the day when it is hot. Cut the stems at a sharp angle so that they will be able to retain plenty of the water in the vase. They should be placed into water as soon as they are cut or you risk damage and bacteria being a problem. For the longest lasting gladiolus cut those flowers that have a couple of flowers open on them. The rest of them will open up in a couple of days adding new life to your arrangement.

If you are looking for a flower rich in beauty and design consider planting gladiolus. They offer amazing colors and they are easy to take care of. Make sure you keep weeds out of the garden so that they aren't fighting for the available nutrients and water in the gardening area. Gladiolus are a beautiful flower for your home and for your landscaping needs.

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