The Beauty of Orchids

Have you every stopped to closely examine the blossoms found on orchids? If you have then you already know they are very unique in their size, design, and color schemes. The orchid family is the largest in nature of all plants you can choose from. They are also the most diverse. There are many different varieties of orchids so they are often mistaken for a different type of flower.

One thing that can't be overlooked when talking about orchids is the beauty that they hold. The variety of colors really works well to bring out the best in any floral arrangement or centerpiece that contains orchids. The most common type of orchid is the Cattleya which is often used to make corsages for weddings, proms, and other types of formal engagements.

One of the reasons why there is such an abundance of orchids is that they are able to grown in many different types of environments. The only exception is locations found around the world where it is extremely cold for the majority of the year. There are four distinct ways in which orchids are grown - air plants grow on trees, rock plants grow on the various surfaces of rocks, some grown in the mulch on the forest floor, and others grow in soil.

Most florists carry a wide selection of orchids so you can choose a wonderful floral arrangement to send to anyone you wish. They make great gifts for a variety of occasions including birthdays and as a way to thank someone special for all they do for you. The unique bursts of colors from orchids can't be matched by too many other types of flowers.

If you plan to grow orchids you need to select a type that will do well in your particular environment. Some of them require a large amount of humidity on a regular basis while others thrive sitting in direct sunlight in dry areas. Some types of orchids can even grow without soil so they are grown in windowsills and apartments. If the leaves of the orchids are yellow they are getting too much sunlight. If the leaves are turning a very dark emerald shade of green your orchids need more sunlight.

Orchids are classified as either monopodial or sympodial. Monopodial means the stems can grow with aerial roots. Flowers can be found growing from the side of the stem as well as from the top of it. Sympodial stems have limited growth available and most types of orchids fall into this category. Make sure you carefully consider the right type of orchids to plant based on the ideal environment they need to thrive.

Orchids are amazingly beautiful flowers that are enjoyed by people all over the world. They come in a variety of great colors and unique styles so you can always find different orchids to select from. They are well known for the great smell regardless of the type of orchids you are talking about. There are more than 20,000 types of orchids found throughout the world.

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