Rose Flowers

The Meaning behind the Various Rose Flowers

Rose flowers are often viewed as a symbol of love. They are a very elegant looking flower found in a variety of colors. The color of the rose flowers though is what determines the meaning behind them. Pink, white, yellow, peach, color, and red rose flowers all mean very different things.

In addition to signifying love, red rose flowers can also represent passion and respect that you have towards the individual. Red rose flowers are the most popular color of rose requested from florists around the world. Depending on the time of year when you place an order a dozen red rose flowers can cost you from $25 to $100.

White roses are often sent when a person is trying to apologize for something they have done. They represent asking for forgiveness in many instances. White rose flowers also signify innocence and purity. They are commonly used in wedding bouquets as well.

Pink rose flowers are sent to someone when you want to thank them for something they have done. They can also be sent to a friend for their birthday or other occasion to symbolize the friendship. In general dark pink rose flowers are sent for this purpose because light pink rose flowers represent sympathy.

Yellow rose flowers are quite beautiful and they hold several different meanings with them. Friendship is very commonly represented by the yellow rose. They can also express that you are thinking about the individual. Some people send yellow roses as an indicator that they want to work on fixing a broken relationship with a friend.

Other colors of rose flowers aren't nearly as popular but they have a sentiment behind them none the less. Coral rose flowers mean desire, lavender roses are a symbol of love at first sight, blue roses mean the impossible can be accomplished, and orange ones symbolize enthusiasm so they work well for work related projects.

Black roses symbolize sympathy and are sometimes given to show sorrow after someone dies. Many people think it is more respectful to give red roses on such an occasion to express love for the individual who has passed. According to florists either option is acceptable as proper etiquette.

You can combine different colors of various rose flowers to create new meanings as well. White and yellow roses symbolize harmony, red and yellow rose flowers mean harmony, and red with white rose flowers symbolizes a solid union that is in the making or that a wedding will soon be coming between the giver and the recipient.

Rose flowers are very lovely and now you know a great deal about the different colors and what they represent. You don't want to send the wrong message to someone so be careful that you select the right color of roses for the occasion. If you forget the meaning behind the various rose flowers you can ask your florist to assist you in your selection or you can research the information online.

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