Why are Roses so Popular?

Roses have been a part of significant events in history since the beginning of time. It is believed the first roses grew in Asia more than 5,000 years ago. There are more than 30,000 varieties of roses available. They have been used for royalty in different cultures as well as to signify a variety of events. Most people categorize roses into three areas - miniature roses, traditional roses, and long stem roses.

Today they are grown all over the world so that you can purchase them from florists to send to someone. You also have the option of growing your own rose bushes so you can enjoy their beauty to decorate your home. While roses are quite beautiful they are considered to be one of the most difficult to grow. This is because of the amount of time it takes to care for. They are also susceptible to a variety of diseases.

With so many beautiful types of flowers to choose from many people tend to choose the various colors of roses. They are very popular because of their beauty and elegance. They are also popular because the number one reason why people send flowers is to express their love for another - and no other flower can say it in so many ways.

Roses are the most commonly identified flower in the world. There are different meanings behind the colors of roses so you can express true love, friendship, admiration, or support for someone by sending them roses. In addition to the vibrant colors roses offer the sweet scent they offer is very appealing as well.

If you intend on sending roses to someone for a popular occasion make sure you order them well in advance. Florists sell millions of roses annually with the majority of them being on peak holidays such as Valentine's Day. Reputable florists always have a great supply of quality roses for you to select from. If you aren't sure of the meaning behind a color of rose they can assist you with getting the one that expresses your feelings.

One common question that remains is why are roses so expensive? In many ways it has to do with the difficult nature of growing them. They also have to be shipped quickly to their destination for florists to use to preserve the quality. This cost of shipping is passed on to the customer. The fact that roses are in such high demand also have an impact on the price. The best roses are going to cost you considerably more than lower quality ones.

Roses are always in great demand due to the significance and beauty they offer. If you aren't sure what type of flowers to send to someone consider choosing a variety of colored roses. They can help you express your feelings for someone even in times of joy and sorrow. You can give someone a single rose, one for each year you have spent together, or a dozen of them. The meaning behind sending roses comes from the heart so they are very cherished.

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