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Reasons to Send Flowers

There are very few people who don't enjoy receiving flowers. It has become such a significant symbol of identifying various relationships in our lives. The number of reasons to send flowers are very plentiful, and florists stay plenty busy all year long. The most common reason for sending flowers is Valentine's Day. Mainly red roses are sent on this particular holiday but roses of many other colors are ordered as well.

Other holidays are a great reason to send flowers as well. Mother's Day is another holiday where plenty of flowers are purchased. There is more flexibility with this holiday though when it comes to the types of flowers to send. You can choose those that are your mother's favorite color or her favorite flower.

Celebrations in a person's life are always a great time to send flowers. This can be for an anniversary, wedding, birthday, or a new job. Colorful bouquets of flowers that are in season work well for such a variety of occasions. When a baby is born they are often showered with wonderful gifts. Sending beautiful flowers for the mother as well is always appreciated.

Flowers are also a symbol of compassion and frequently sent when someone is ill or has passed away. While these types of situations aren't the best to experience it is nice to know other people care enough to send their condolences. Flowers can be sent to the funeral home or to the residence of close family members.

If you owe someone an apology you can send flowers to try to get an opportunity to redeem yourself. While this isn't the ideal circumstances for which someone wants to receive flowers under it definitely shows you care about their feelings. It might change their attitude towards you from pure anger to forgiveness. Of course you can't treat people badly and then expect flowers to make it all better but it can help the situation at times.

Contrary to popular belief it is acceptable to send flowers to men as well. Most men have never received flowers so it is a unique gesture. If you are worried that your man may think he is too masculine for flowers you can add some other accessories. Sending candy or even some of his favorite magazines along with them can be a big hit.

While there are many different reasons to send flowers one of the most special is just because you felt like it. There are some occasions in a person's life when the arrival of flowers is very expected. It is very special when they show up out of the blue just because someone wanted to let them know they were being thought of.

You really don't need a reason to send flowers so brighten someone's day by sending some. Since it is possible to send flowers to people most anywhere you can imagine there should be nothing stopping you. If you take the time to send flowers to someone far away or your spouse who hasn't gotten them in a while you might be able to bring some passion back into the relationship.

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