All about Lilies

If you are looking for a beautiful type of flower to grow in your garden that takes up a minimal amount of time for care consider lilies. You can easily mix and match a combination of early season, mid season, and late season lily varieties so that your landscaping will feature lilies from mid June through late September.

You really need to pay attention to the regional rating on varieties of lilies though because not all of them will grow well in your particular part of the world. Asiatic lilies are the easiest to grow so if the climate isn't the best in your area for growing lilies this should be your first choice. Many people prefer to grow oriental lilies though because they grow tall and they offer blooms that are frilly and have a wonderful fragrance associated with them.

Depending on the type of lilies you plant and the location you live in they will end up being from two feet tall up to as much as six feet tall. Lilies are grown from bulbs that are planted into loose soil. They require plenty of water so if you live in a very dry area you will need to consistently give them enough to thrive off of. Lilies also need a great deal of direct sunlight to grow into healthy blossoms.

How you plant your lilies is very important because they need more room that the majority of other types of flowers. You want a minimum of eight inches of space between them but if you can provide a full twelve inches of space it is ideal. You want to plant them approximately six inches deep. The bulbs should be replaced every three years.

Almost all lilies are dormant in the winter and then blossom in the early spring time. You can help keep your lilies looking great by removing slugs from the area. To help prevent damage from the harsh winter place plenty of mulch over the area until there is no longer a risk of freezing taking place. You will also want to use a good quality organic fertilizer for them as well.

If you decide to cut fresh lilies to enjoy in your home or to give to others make sure you have the right type of vase available. Lilies will last much longer after they have been cut if you place them in a deep vase where plenty of the stem will be submerged in the water. Remove damaged leaves and blossoms that have died quickly so that they won't spread bacteria to the remaining lilies.

Lilies are very tall and beautiful flowers that can add warmth to your landscaping. They are simple to plant and quite easy to take care of. The important thing to remember is to carefully research the right types of lilies that will grow well in your area. There is plenty of selection when it comes to the style and colors of lilies so feel free to create your own unique color patterns with them as well.

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