Long Stem Roses

The Beauty of Long Stem Roses

Nothing says romance like the elegance of long stem roses as they often take the breath away from the person who is receiving them. According to florists long stem roses are the most popular flower chosen when a person wants to express their love to another. They come in a variety of colors including red, yellow, white, and pink. Long stem roses are an expression of long lasting love so they make a great gift for anniversaries.

Long stem roses are considered to be more extravagant than traditional roses so you should expect to pay a premium price for them. However if you are looking for the most amazing floral arrangement around then you can't go wrong with long stem roses mixed with baby's breath.

To help you save money on purchasing long stem roses you might want to consider a cash and carry method. Most florists will give you a significant discount if you are willing to take the long stem roses wrapped in tissue paper instead of a vase. They will also expect you to deliver them on your own. Make sure you have a vase ready to provide to the recipient as well though in case they don't have one.

There are special vases for long stem roses as well. They are longer than traditional roses to help preserve the beauty of them. If you try to place long stem roses in a vase that is too short they won't display very nicely. A vase for long stem roses allows you to ensure there is plenty of the stem covered in water which will help them last several days longer.

Long stem roses tend to look more elegant and full in the right type of vase because of the rigidness of the stems. There are multiple ways to arrange them depending on the look you are trying to accomplish. You don't want to place more than a couple of dozen long stem roses in a vase though or it will be difficult for them to survive very long. Make sure you add plenty of preservatives to the water so your long stem roses will be appealing for a very long time.

You do need to be careful when arranging long stem roses because many of them still have the thorns on them. You can remove them but your long stem roses will last much longer if you leave the thorns on them. Since most of us don't receive long stem roses on a regular basis it is important to do all you can to make them last when you do get them.

Giving long stem roses is an excellent way to show your love for someone. If the cost of sending them a dozen of them is out of your budget you can still provide them with the same type of message by giving them a single long stem rose. This is a very romantic gesture that many people enjoy receiving. Leave a long stem rose with a nice card for your partner and see how it lights them up from the inside out.

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