Lotus Flowers

All about Lotus Flowers

Lotus flowers have a very long history that dates back to the early days of the ancient Egyptians. Lotus flowers were very significant to that culture and used in a variety of different religious events. The white color of the lotus flowers signified purity of the soul for them. They also found it interesting that this particular flower was able to produce both a plant and a fruit at the same time.

Lotus flowers also have significant meaning in the Chinese and Indian cultures as well. They symbolize life, strength, endurance, and life in general. In fact it is these various types of significances that have resulted in lotus flowers being included in tattoo art.

Lotus flowers are often found growing from various swamp areas. They are either white or a light pink in color. During the day they bloom full for all to see but at night they close up. Lotus flowers are attracted to the light so during the warmer times of the year the stretch very high above the water. The blooms of lotus flowers can be up to 12 inches in diameter. Over a period of time the petals will slowly start falling off into the water. This is why many people call lotus flowers water lilies.

The seeds of lotus flowers are carefully protected inside the pod. Once the seeds have grown the pod is released into the water so that they end up in the murky mud at the bottom of the water. They remain there until the following spring when they are able to start blooming. They are classified as an annual flower. Not all lotus flower seeds germinate the following year though. Research has found some that remained dormant for hundreds of years before they actually bloomed.

It is quite common for lotus seeds to be hunted for, roasted, and then eaten. They are also boiled to extract a delicious flavor for cooking. The stem and the petals of lotus flowers are eaten as well. In some cultures the leaves of the flowers are rolled up and eaten as a vegetable.

Growing your own lotus flowers can be done but it is quite difficult to get them started. If you have a pond in your backyard though it is possible. Once they start growing you won't have to do much to care for the lotus flowers except remove the dead petals from the water. In many instances though they will be eaten by various bugs and insects so you won't have too much work to do. They require a great deal of sunlight so if your pond is in the open that is even better.

In addition to being very beautiful, lotus flowers are valuable symbol in many different cultures. They are often viewed as a symbol of the cycle of human life because of how they grow, die, and then come back again. Even if your own religious beliefs don't incorporate lotus flowers you can still enjoy their great color and beauty.

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