Origami Flowers

Enjoying Origami Flowers

The name Origami is derived from the Japanese words "oru" meaning to fold and "gami" which means paper. A very creative hobby is called Origami which is the art of folding paper according to the provided instructions. As a result the paper takes the shape of an animal or a flower.

Origami flowers made out of different colors of paper can be a fascinating activity to engage in. You can make them to use for decorations, keep for yourself, or to give to other people. As long as you follow the provided instructions you should have no trouble creating a variety of different Origami flowers.

There are complete books with the materials for Origami flowers that you can purchase online or at craft stores. Many of them come with a rating so that you can choose one that is at your own skill level. There are also Origami flowers made from the pages of your calendar. At the end of each day you can create a picture instead of the traditional method of just tearing off the page and tossing it in the trash can on your way out the door.

If you don't want to spend your money buying a book about Origami flowers you can use the internet to find out the right ways to fold the paper. You will need to purchase the right size of paper though in order to get the desired results. This can be very helpful as many online sites show pictures of each step in creating Origami flowers. Beginners can be assured they are on the right track as they work on making their flower.

The majority of information you will come across for making Origami flowers will provide you with only the blossom of the flower. You can make roses, lilies, tulips, and daffodils. If you want a more detailed project you can add your own stems with pipe cleaners as well as make leaves from green paper.

Making Origami flowers can be a great project for school age children, Sunday school class, or a summer camp project. They make excellent gifts for Mother's Day as well as to enjoy while learning about flowers. Most Origami flower designs require you to use several pieces of paper. You can make those pieces of paper all the same color or mix and match them for very unique and colorful Origami flowers.

For the best results each of the folds and creases you make in the process of creating Origami flowers has to be crisp. Take your time and create well defined lines in the paper so that your overall design will be very detailed and pleasant to look at.

Making Origami flowers can be fun and challenging. It can also help you kill time when you are waiting for an activity and even reduce the amount of stress you have. People of all ages including children enjoy making and receiving Origami flowers. They are fast to make and many of them are quite simple. Origami flowers also last much longer than the real thing while saving you money as well.

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