Tropical Flowers

The Different Types of Tropical Flowers

Tropical flowers immediately make me think of Hawaii as they use them to make leis out of. While we can't all enjoy the beauty of Hawaii on a daily basis we can benefit from the various types of tropical flowers that are available. Purchasing tropical flowers that have been imported from Hawaii or Brazil are quite expensive though so you may want to consider growing them on your own.

You will only be successful in growing tropical flowers if you have the right conditions. They thrive in humid locations so Arizona is often a good place to plant them. However the dry dessert heat in some locations can be too much for tropical flowers to withstand. If you have a greenhouse you should be able to manipulate the environment enough to grow various types of tropical flowers with a high success rate.

Tropical flowers tend to have a longer life once they are cut than many other traditional types of flowers. On average tropical flowers will last from 6-9 days but you can extend that time by caring for them properly. Anthuriums can last as long as two weeks with proper care. Keep them in a cool location and add preservatives to the water so that you get more time to enjoy them. You should spray tropical flowers with a light mist daily as well to keep the petals moist.

One of the most popular types of tropical flowers are orchids. They are available in a variety of colors including yellow, white and pink. Many types of orchids are one color in the middle and another on the outside. This really enhances the overall design the flower.

Anthruiums have a very distinct look and color to them that you just can't get with ordinary flowers. The petals strongly resemble the shape of a heart which is appealing but it is the color scheme that really gets everyone's attention. They include various shades of green, red, yellow, pink, and white.

Heliconias are found in many different shapes and sizes. They are the most different of all tropical flowers that you will find. Some of the species resemble small, flat leaves of various colors including green and red. Others seem to form an L shape and are often mistaken for a plant instead of a flower. Hummingbirds love eating Heliconias so if you grow them be prepared to attract plenty of attention from the birds in the area.

Some of the most beautiful tropical flowers appear in elegantly displayed floral arrangements rather than by themselves. The various colors and designs of the tropical flowers compliment each other in amazing ways that are very appealing to the eyes. The differences in the shape of the flowers and the colors brings the individuality of each one to life. Tropical flowers aren't as widely recognized as many others but they are definitely something you may want to consider if you are looking for something different than what you have purchased in the past.

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